More powerful!  Totally brushless system, no more carbon brushes. More plug and play design.
Has two output plug receptacles for 120VAC and 220VAC  USA and or EU.

* Can stop a house meter!

* Can output 120VAC and 220VAC at the same time the motor is running - using the same air coils!

* 0 - 1,600 rpms

* Can also be used as a battery charger for 12V - 48 VDC battery / inverter setup.

* A motor and generator all in one unit! Can be used at same time or separately!


Kit availible on request: contact 
Basic Kit: $3,295.00 (80% assembled) 

Gold Kit: $4,995.00   (98% assembled)

Fuelless Engine M3 / SP500 AC Generator Download + By mail on CD

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