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To invest in knowledge is always an investment in our future.

Over twenty years ago, Creative Science & Research began researching and developing the Fuelless Engine, SP500 Generator, and the Fuelless Heater. was launched in 1996 as a resource for backyard researchers to replicate our experiments. We are happy to have the privilege to continue to provide new innovative designs. Our mission is to further our research and resources to advance, and design new alternative energy devices. Further, to make this research accessible to you at any skill level.


About David Waggoner Owner, lead inventor:


Born and raised in Indiana, David Waggoner has devoted his life to the study of science. With interests in physics, Earth science, and alternative research in engineering and medicine.


David spent many years studying the effects of magnetic and electrical fields; as well as radiant/aethe and other forms of energy. David continues to develop new designs and theories, He believes that we have only scratched the surface of the true nature of electricity.


These devices have been built and tested by many individuals, research groups and universities. Click here to check out our satisfied customers page!


Energy is everywhere! We do not claim to break the laws of physics. Energy is not produced from nothing; it cannot be created without work being done. Instead, energy is collected, converted and reused.


Our inventions cannot be sold or manufactured without written permission. We do not sell perpetual motion machines. What we sell is alternative, free energy devices.

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