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Radiant Energy

First discovered by Sir. William Crookes in 1875, radiant energy is an element of sunlight. It was Nicola Tesla who later discovered that it was possible to convert radiant matter into usable energy. In his tests, he found that he could transmit energy like electrified radio waves. It is believed that electrostatic charges (static electricity) are a form of radiant energy. 


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Magnetic fields are an amazing source of energy. When passing through a copper wire, a magnet can produce a substantial amount of electricity. Our fuelless engine uses this principle to harness the energy generated by the magnetic field, and collected from the copper coils. It is our belief that the potential of magnetic energy has only begun, and by further research and development, magnets will be the next energy source of the future. Check out our plans today!

Solar Energy

What better way to power our earth than from the sun? An endless supply of electricity just waiting to be collected.


Energy collected from the sun through solar cells, converting solar radiation into usable electricity. Solar energy can power anything from cell phones to entire cities! With advancements in solar technology being made, this form of free energy will soon be a staple in every home.


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Wind Energy

Not only is the wind a great source of energy, they can be built and installed in your own back yard! A wind turbine converts kinetic wind energy into usable power. A small wind turbine is enough to power a small house or business. In many places in the world windmill farms are being used to power entire cities. Check out our plans to learn how to build your own wind turbine!


Wind and solar power can be used together to achieve more reliable energy. Check out our other plans to learn how to screen print solar cells. 

Energy From The Earth

Most think only of the sun and the wind as an abundant source of energy, but our earth's magnetic field generates a massive amount of collectable energy from deep within its molten outer core of iron and nikel. It is possible to collect energy from our earth in your own back yard. See our plans for more information!

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