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NEW! Blue Model 3 SP500 Generator/Motor Version 7

Please Read: Plans are in .pdf format. After purchase, plans will be delivered to you by email. This is an instant download. THE PASSWORD IS IN THE FILE NAME. Write it down for future use. 


*Only available to previous customers


From: David Waggoner to past customers who I can trust! Special lifetime blue plastic, as hard as steel and is easy to mill and cut.


Blue M3 V7:

  • Fully Automatic Charging System!
  • More Powerful! 2x output power than white M2/M3
  • More Free Energy!

I am now ready to reveal to many of my customers what I have been working on since 2018. I have kept it hidden for all these years because I was scared to show it to anyone! But now is the time! The end of the age is here and it is going to get much worse for the entire world before it gets better. People are going to need this information if they want to survive the massive world wide blackouts, chaos and confusion! Features: Two times more output power than our white Model 2 and Model 3 Fuelless Engine Kits! More horsepower when used as a motor! More wattage output when used as a generator! 220VAC x 120VAC output. Can be used as a direct AC Generator pure sine wave to power lights, computers, pumps, radios, TV, and much more!


Fully automatic! When used to store energy in a battery. No need to worry about it. The special Smart Sensor will start the motor/generator to recharge the 12VDC battery. Once fully charged the Smart Sensor then turns off the motor/generator, stopping the charging of the battery. Now when the battery gets low again the Smart Sensor restarts the motor to recharge the battery and the process starts all over.


Connect a 5,000 watt inverter to the battery to power AC products in your home or office.


There are many special upgrades that can be adapted to work with the white Model 2 or Model 3 Sp500 / Fuelless Engine you may have already built or purchased as a kit.


Question: Do you build the kits and sell them?

Answer: No, I can not sell the kits I would be to afraid to! I am only making the step by step plans available at this time. Hurry and get them before it is to late!


Blue Model 3 SP500 Generator / Motor V7 Plans

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