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All of our research is now availible in one computer CD. ​Included is All 34 Plans and 7 Videos offered by Creative Science & Research. Learn how to go off grid with our alternative energy technology. Many of these plans can be used together to power your home. These plans are the result of twenty years of free energy research. 


Save money by doing the work yourself! 


Plans will be sent by mail after purchase on CD.

*This bundle includes our Fuelless Engine Model 2 plans

(kit availible for purchase on request contact our sales team at 812.945.5839)


  • Step-by step instructions.
  • Technical support via email.
  • Includes detailed diagrams, photos, and illustrations.
  • Can be printed at home for personal use. 
  • .PDF format works across multiple platforms (android, IOS, windows).

Free Energy Bundle 35 plans and 3 videos (M2 Included)

$249.00 Regular Price
$190.01Sale Price
  • Plans: 

    Fuelless Engine Plans (Small HP)

    Fuelless Engine Plans (High HP)

    The SP500 Generator Plans 

    Fuelless Engine Video 

    Windmill Generator Plans 

    Air Engine Plans 

    Homemade Solar Cell Plans 

    The Fuelless Heater Plans 

    The Fuelless Heater Video 

    Fuell From Water Part 1

    Fuell From Water Part 2

    5000 Watt Inverter Plans 

    Screen Printing Plans 

    Screen Printing Videos 

    5 Color T-shirt Printing Press

    High Voltage Power Supply Plans 

    High Voltage Tesla Coil Plans 

    High Voltage Capacitor Plans 

    High Voltage Diode Plans 

    Capacitors That Can Recharge Themselves

    Free Energy From the Earth Plans 

    Fuelless Gravity Motor Plans 

    Fuelless Gravity Motor Video 

    High Efficiency Plans HFG9

    High Voltage Electromagnet Plans 

    Free Energy From The Sky Plans 

    Free Electricity From Phone Company

    Permanent Magnet Motor

    Homemade Battery 

    Tesla Turbine

    Tesla Trasmission of Electricity 

    Make Your Own Light Bulb Plans 

    The Roof Cleaning Plans 

    The Roof Cleaning Plans 

    500 Volts DC From Bike Generator 

    Learn How to Relight Burnt Out Florescent Light Bulbs

    UFO Air Craft Proof (US PATENT) 

    New Ideas On Stepping Up DC Volts

    Free Energy Flashlight Plans 

    SP500 AC Demo Video Pt 1

    SP500 Coil Demo Part 2

    Fuelless Engine Model 2 Demo video 

    Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans 

  • Download will arrive after purchase. Plans are contained in .zip folder. 



    Download/right click on .zip file/extract

    After extracting the files you can access them. Backup the .Zip file for later use. Instructions are also included within the folder. 

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