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The foundation and history of energy technology! Perfect bundle for the backyard researcher. This combines several of our small-scale experiments that can be made on a budget. Each one of these plans will help you understand how energy works and how to apply it. 

Enjoy re-creating many of Tesla's most famous inventions! 


If you aren't great with tools this is an excellent place to start. Building the High voltage power supply is the foundation for many future experiments. 


Each one of our plans are step-by-step and include color photos, illustrations, and diagrams. Many of our plans include parts lists for websites and companies to order parts from. A lot of these experiments call for parts that can be found at your local hardware store. 


Some plans can be scaled to work for a science fair. Free energy from the earth, electromagnets, free energy demo. We've had multiple parents purchase plans for their children's projects (and college projects as well). 


No matter your skill level, our energy bundle will have you tinkering in no time. 

Free Energy Experiment Plans Bundle

$39.00 Regular Price
$31.20Sale Price
  • Air Engine

    Free Energy Demo

    High Efficiency Generator

    High Voltage Capacitor

    High Voltage Diode Plans

    High Voltage Electromagnet

    High Voltage Power Supply 

    Homemade Battery Plans 

    Make Your Own Light Bulbs

    Step Up Voltage Experiments

    Tesla Transmitting Electrical Energy Patent

    Tesla Turbine Plans

    High Voltage Tesla Coils

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