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Learn how to build your own high voltage electromagnets! You can build them to any size--power range you like. Great for DIY motors, windmill generators, and AC or DC generators


Learn the proper technique of winding. The plans will also show you how to build a homemade, automatic coil winder. You will be able to quickly wind as many coils as you want by hand or use a drill press at 100 to 250 rpm for more speed and accuracy. Bobbins can easily be made from plastic you have around the house such as CD Case holders or use 1/8″ PVC sheeting. You can purchase sheeting at any sign shop or screen-printing supply company (my favorite is 1/8″ PVC plastic). It’s easy to cut and glue using a matt knife and PVC all-purpose glue.

These electromagnets can also be used to make free energy electric motors. Great for many high voltage projects. Use them to make high voltage plasma cutters, Air core magnets, as well as iron core magnets.

High Voltage Electromagnets

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