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Save thousands of dollars! With our method, you can cover your entire roof with solar cells and collect the free energy from the sun!

You can screen print these cells at home to any size you want! Size is no limit! Imagine a 24″ homemade solar cell powerful enough to run a 12-volt DC x 4-amp motor using only one cell! Solar cell screen printing has been around for many years; many manufactures already doing it here in the USA and abroad. There are several types of chemical printing inks that can be used, as well as many different printing techniques to apply them with. The best technique we have seen so far was invented by a Japanese inventor. he applies a very simple method of vibrating the ink after it is printed to get the air bubbles out before it dries. This causes the efficiency of the solar cells to skyrocket! An ink vibrator is very simple to build using a of (2) 18″ x 18″ x 3/4″ plywood and a few push springs from your local hardware store and a small DC or AC motor with an off balance on the shaft which you can buy or make yourself. The patent claims they can be just as powerful as the silicon type solar cells! Cells can be made fast and easy by screen printing them directly onto glass, plastic, or metals.


Screen printing is simple and can be done from home. You may have already learned screen printing from art class in high school.  Screen printing is fun and is very easy to do!  You do not need expensive equipment to screen print solar cells. The info also shows other methods of making solar cells as well. These methods are easier to do and require a few simple tools. Our plans also include a supply list of screen printing chemicals and an online company you can purchase them from. 


Homemade Solar Cells

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