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We built many smaller prototypes of our incredible free energy motor. This model is one of our first small hp spiral coil pancake type. Perfect for duplicating our research.

A very powerful little motor! Great for any backyard researcher wanting to build one of our motors on a budget.


These step-by-step plans are highly detailed with many photo’s, diagrams, and illustrations to guide you through the steps.

Rated less than 2 HP, yet powerful enough to stop a house meter as well. Proving itself to be a free energy motor that can also run itself. Can also be used as a small generator.

Your friends and family will all be amazed!

The Fuelless Engine Sml HP Motor

  • Password protected .Pdf document. 

    Password can be found at the end of file name. Copy and paste it into the document upon opening. 

    Document can be accessed on any device. If file is not opening, download Adobe reader from their website, or app store for mobile devices.

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