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What is Free energy?

What does "Free Energy" Mean?

It is a common arguement that "free" energy is impossible, because most think its definition impllies that energy can be produced from nothing. This is a misconception. The phrase "free energy" is a broad term to define several alternative energy sources. This could be energy from the earth, our atmosphere, solar, rivers, wind, nucleor power, permonent magnet motors, generators, etc.

A second misconception is that it also means "perpetual motion", which true perpetual motion is not possible under the second law of thermodynamics. No matter how efficient a machine is, a closed system will eventually decrease due to friction, wear, or malfunction.

Further, we do not propose that we have a magnets only motor. This has been proven false due to a magnets cogging effect. There are many videos on YouTube claiming to achieve this, yet many have already been proven to be fakes.

Lastly, free energy does not mean it will not cost anything to build. Most builds on our site can be completed at minimal cost.

No matter how you view the term "free energy", we must agree that alternative energy is the key to our future, and that to continue using outated methods will only do us harm.

Please view our "Types of Free Energy" page to learn more.

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