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500V DC from a Bicycle Generator / Plans 


Learn how to get 500 Volts DC from a bicycle generator. Easy to build. Generated an enormous amount of power by just slowly turning it with your fingers. A great science project. Low amperage device, in the milliamps. Great science fair project!

You can build our generator to run any size home! Or if you like AN ENTIRE CITY!
It is easy! Simply scale up our design to any size voltage or wattage output you desire!

This is one of many coil tests done on the SP500 AC or DC Generator!


Detailed AC – DC Generator Plans:
This is a new type of AC or DC generator designed by David Waggoner.

New Technology for the 21st century, and designed as an easy homemade device that anyone can build!  A breakthrough in AC – DC generator design! Great for Home use as well as industrial use!  It was designed to operate with our Fuelless Engine, Windmill, and  Fuelless Gravity Engine devices but can be operated by other means as well. Rated at about 6kw to 8kw x 120V AC. Can also be built to run at 12 VDC, to charge a battery bank for home inverter use.

Very high efficient! Unlike any other generator seen today! Can easily be designed to operate at much higher voltages other than 120V AC.  Great for many high voltage projects. The plans are 137pages long and are packed with color photo’s, drawings and instructions that are easy to follow.

Included in these plans are the horsepower / generator formulas. Learn how much horsepower it will take, to achieve a certain wattage or voltage output. Plans also include a rpm formula guide. This will show you how many rpm it will take to get a 120V AC  x  60 Hz or 50 Hz, and how many coils and magnets will be needed for certain rpm to stay at the standard 60 Hz or 50 Hz cycles for common household current.

For those needing 220V AC or 240V AC that live outside the USA, our SP500 can be designed to run at these voltages as well. We know of no other research group that has a generator and motor all in one like this!

We have made it easy for you to build at home. You do not have to be an electrical engineer to build this. Let us teach you through our easy to read and easy to follow step by step plans.

” I discovered this special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to moving N38 Neodymium magnets and what I saw on my volt meter just blew me away! I could not believe what I was seeing. The electrical output was like nothing I had ever seen before! Very high efficient! I don’t think there is any other generator in the world like our SP500 Generator, and it is not that hard to build!

I personally guarantee The SP500 to work or your money back! “

David Waggoner

Owner / Inventor


Click here for more information on SP500 AC GENERATOR KITS!  Or Contact: Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839  or by e-mail at: – Payment on kits can be made by personnel check if you live here in the USA or by bank wire transfer. If outside the USA payment can be made by Bank Wire Money Transfer Only!

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