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Homemade batteries

The Air Engine Plans


Learn how to build your own powerful homemade battery! Run lights, motors, and more! Save hundreds of dollars!

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded or sent to you on computer CD.


Battery 12 Volt mde from hom

Everything you ever wanted to know about making your own homemade batteries. We will show you how to build a Clorox Bleach Battery. This type of battery is very powerful!  We will teach you the proper Clorox mixture and show you how  to construct  batteries using  PVC pipe from a hardware store.  Clorox Bleach batteries are very powerful but they only last 1 week or less.  ( the metals corrode too quickly ),  But there is a metal we found that you can use in plain tap water that does not seem to corrode quickly and that is stainless steel.  There are other type of metals that are used in fuel cell technology that are very slow to corrode as well. Tap water batteries are very useful in emergencies and can be used to light super bright ( white ) L.E.D light bulbs for many days or weeks on end. L.E.D lighting is the most high efficient lighting in the world and the bulbs can last for more than 70 years.  These bulbs can be purchased for less than $2 over the internet.


By using this type of a battery system, one could simply fill the batteries up with tap water every 4 to 7 weeks, to keep the system cleaned and running well.  We estimate the battery life to be up to 15 years. We have been told that some hospitals use this type of a battery as a long life emergency low lighting battery. They store these in their basements – Shelf life is 70 years or more,  ( without water ).  The water and the 2 special metals will produce the electricity, therefore you will never need to charge these batteries, just refuel them with tap water.


These bulbs can be purchased for as low as .35 cents each. This is new technology that will last a lifetime, up to 22 years and  never burn out.  These bulbs only use small milliamp currents to run and 3.5 volts dc to light them up.  20 ma or less.


Buy 300 of these to light up your entire home and basement. No more dark rooms. They will pay for themselves and you can use our water batteries to run them. Manufactures are now replacing incandescent flashlight bulbs with LED bulbs,  flashlight batteries will now last for days.


These bulbs are very bright and are now replacing all Edison bulbs. These new light bulbs are the future of home and business lighting!


Saving amperage hours is what it is all about. Saves you on money and is great for the economy! Power these bulbs using our new homemade water batteries. Great for lighting your home in any emergency. If you need enough power to power your home see our Fuelless Engine model 2 – This free energy motor can also be used as a powerful SP500 AC generator to power an entire home! 

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