The Air Engine Plans



In Jan. 1998  CNN Headline News showed an Air Car running similar to this one!

Our plans show actual photo’s of working Air Cars that were shown on the news.

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded. Also available on computer CD for only $19.95 extra.

Available on .pdf Adobe reader as a download or on Computer CD.

This US Patent package shows how to convert a 

V-8 gas automobile engine to run on compressed air!  


We have been told that a company in Europe is getting

about 124 miles on one full tank of air?



The gas tank is removed and thrown away!  The carburetor is not needed. The engine is easily converted to run on compressed air using air hoses and solenoid switches that fit directly into the spark plug holes. Each piston is then timed by using the existing timing system of the engine, using 8 small electrical on/off solenoids. This Air Engine is just as powerful as a V-8 gasoline engine, but has a better and more powerful take off.  Any engine or motor that runs on gasoline or propane can be converted to run on compressed air, and is very high efficient!  The above US Patent drawing is much more simple than it looks. You do not have to add all the extras as shown. Any size hp motor can be converted. It is best to start with a small lawn mower

engine. to get the hang of it.


About 4 years ago we sold this US Patent package to a farmer here in the USA. This guy wasted no time with it. He quickly converted his tracker and his truck over to run on compressed air. He wrote us a letter telling us how happy he was with his new toys. His neighbor’s were so excited they asked him to convert there vehicles to run on air. Our US Patent package  includes free articles with color photos of 2  Air Engine cars, as seen recently on ABC news. Also included are plans ( color photo type ) on how to build an Air Turbine Motor from plywood and sheet metal. This type of motor is very powerful and can run up to 10,000 rpms on compressed air.


Why not? It’s Clean Air with No Deadly Exhaust Fumes! It’s cheaper than gas and can be free if you find a gas station that will let you fill your air tanks with FREE AIR! There must be thousands of gas stations and tire stores that will let you use there air for free. I remember in the 1960’S no one charged for air, it was free!

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