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Pemanent magnet motor plans by fuelless power

Perm Magnet Motor Plans


Learn how to build your own Permanent Magnet Motor!
Amazing information! Loaded with information build a working model!

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded or sent to you on computer CD.

permanent magnt motor prototype

These plans are for research purposes only.  They are over 16 years old, but a good project you might want to look into. The devices in these plans are- all permanent magnet motor’s. They do not need any outside source of power, and can be started by hand. Our New Fuelles Engine Model 2 motor is considered a perm magnet motor in that it uses over ( 16 ) 2″ diameter N52 magnets to help power it as well as ( 8 ) generator / motor coils. The devices in these plans are good to build and research, but our Fuelless Engine model 2 is much more powerful, the plans are very step by step and easy to follow, and would be my first choice that I recommend to you.
The laws of conservation of energy are not contradicted! ” We need to realize a very important fact about permanent magnets: Two similar poles will repel each other continuously: every second, every minute, every hour for 10 + years or more ( 20 +Yrs ). Repulsion is a force which can move a magnet for a distance ( w = f. d ) showing work is done. Energy is the ability to do work! ( so if that is so ) Then PERMANENT MAGNETS ARE A PERMANENT SOURCE OF ENERGY! This very simple fact will change completely everything in the near future.
A magnetic field is a form of energy, and the law of conservation of energy is applicable to it. It is a well known fact that no one can create or destroy a magnetic field. ( But ) If you hammer or heat a perm magnet it will lose it’s magnetic properties. But NO ONE can destroy an existent magnetic field! Nor can anyone create a magnetic field or a magnetic material.
David spent many hours and many nights awake learning how to use these magnets to move a bike wheel. Many hours of research have gone into this design. This motor uses simple Radio Shack ceramic bar magnets.






David first built a linear carriage type motor to test his theories and designs. He fastened a row of magnets all north side up on a flat table top. he then built a movable roller carriage with magnets placed on top.


When he placed the movable roller carriage over the first row of stationary table top magnets the carriage moved all on it’s own! David was very excited!  It moved all the way down to the last row of magnets all by itself and then stopped.  He then thought all that needs to be done is to apply more magnets. So he thought of a simple motor using a 26″ bicycle wheel. He bolted one end of the wheel axle to a 1/2″ x 4′ x 4′ piece of plywood and mounted it on a wall. He then mounted his bar magnets around the entire wheel leaving some spacing etc… He then used 2 magnets placed on the outside as the stationary magnets. The wheel began to move all on it’s own.  After the wheel turned three to four times, it then slowed down and stopped? But never the less, this was a break through!  WOW!  The wheel actually turned on it’s own using nothing but magnets!   We thought it would be a good idea to offer David’s notes in a brief plan form to those interested in researching and building their own permanent magnet motor. As a bonus, we are also including plans and full page magazine articles on the Howard Johnson’s all perm magnet motor.  


David’s design / notes and drawings on his permanent magnet motor should save you many hours of research work.

* Notice: These plans are also included in our CD 1 Gold package which includes all 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on our websites and catalogs!  Includes our New Fuelless Engine Model 2 plans and videos – all for only $475.00  < Click Here >

biycicle wheel magnet motor
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