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Make Your own Light Bulbs – Plans


learn how to make your own light bulbs, from the Thomas Edison bulb to the LED 120V AC light bulb.

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded or sent to you on computer CD.

It is possible to make light bulbs that last 100 times longer using old burnt out bulbs or glass mason jars. Information that the light bulb manufactures may not want you to know!

 Includes How to Make LED Light Bulbs and Photo’s of the Edison Bulb.


Edison originally made them to last a very long time. Did you know that if you ran a light bulb on DC it will last much longer and will be more efficient than running them on AC. Most people do not know that. By simply connecting a 200 v diode or diodes in the light circuit will cause the bulb to run on DC. Convert all the lamps in your whole house. There is also another method which is great for emergencies, By using super bright white  L.E.D’s you can have emergency lighting that will not burn out for about 50 to 60 years.  Super bright white L.E.D’s are the lighting of the future!


Build  a smaller version  of our SP500 DC low rpm generator and use as a hand crank to light your whole house using L.E.D white bulbs. 3 to 5 volt operation and because the L.E.D’s are super high efficient, the batteries can last for many days without a hand crank generator or a Fuelless SP500 free energy motor and generator needing to recharge them. The Sp500 Generator can also be used with a large metal or concrete flywheel and will be very easy and effortlessly to operate.  Great for 3rd world countries and abroad!


Note: A flywheel could also be made out of 3/4″ plywood cut to about 24 inch diameter. Our SP500 can be built to run as low as 10 rpm’s and still output a large amount of electricity!  See our SP500 Generator web page     GET READY NOW!  DON’T BE LEFT IN THE DARK!

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